Hi, I am Charl Smith. First, I want to thank you for browsing my website. If you recently got engaged, congratulations!!! Now the FUN starts for you and your fianc. If you are just spending time on the web, I hope that you feel inspired by my photos, I hope that you will get your camera and freeze the moment for eternity.

Something about myself:

I am passionate about people, about God and photography. I just love working with people and capture their most important day in their lives for them, to freeze the moment forever.
I am a full time photographer, and I cant believe that my passion pays my bills. Yes, how many people can say that? Before I did photography full time, I was a high school teacher. NOW, that was a passion killer!!! After a few years teaching, I really felt empty. I started photography as a hobby and something inside of me was resurrected and I started to live again.
Every day I thank God for the opportunities He brings along my path, I thank Him for the talent and creativity so that I can take photos that really speaks to the heart. He is after all The Creative One, the ONE who created EVERYTHING!


About my team:

I love to work with an assistant; it really helps to have someone to carry the extra equipment, to hold the reflector and to set up the external flashes. It really saves time. But, sometimes I have to work alone. In the last 100 weddings I did, I only did 3 weddings on my own


Tiana Smith

Well, the Surname says it all. Tiana is my wife. We have been married from Aug 2005. She is the best assistant one can have, we just look at one another and she knows what to do.
She works full time for a church, she is the Youth Worker and she studies Play therapy.


Andr Du Toit.

Andr is the very best next thing after my wife. (Every man must always put his wife first). He is a hard working assistant that really serves with all his energy.




I would love to show you my portfolio at Agap Studio, a nice, warm and cosy atmosphere. I dont want to meet my clients at a coffee shop, it is to impersonal and uncomfortable.

At Agap Studio I have a lot of albums to view, so, please make an appointment to visit me at the studio.



Monday to Thursday: 9:00 - 17:00

Please contact me to make appointment.


Monday and Thursday evenings:

17:00 - 21:00

I have Monday and Thursday evenings available to see clients, please make an appointment to view my portfolio.